What is Consignment?

Consignment - Refers to the arrangement where the following requirements are present:

  • Delivery of goods by the owner (consignor) without sale, to a government agency (consignee);
  • Consignee must try to sell the goods and remit the price of the sold goods to the consignor;
  • Consignee accepts without any liability except failure to reasonably protect them from damage;
  • At terms not disadvantageous to the government.

     Access to pharmaceuticals is affected by different factors such as the prices of medicines, economic capacities, presence of healthcare providers, availability of health related infrastructure (e.g. drug outlets, clinics, and hospitals) regulatory environment and cultural processes to the government in order to improve health outcomes and foster national development.

     In order to bridge the gap between the mandate to deliver basic health services to the public and the inadequacy of resources, the Department of Health (DOH), has designed a drug consignment schemes for the purpose of adhering to the basic principles of transparency and competitiveness.