Secretary Manuel M. Dayrit (2001-2005)

     Administrative Order no. 163 s. 2002 dated October 16, 2002, Re: Implementing Guidelines and Procedures in the Procurement and Requisition of Drugs and Medicines by Department of Health pursuant to Executive Order no. 49 of 1993 dated January 21, 1993.

Under this Administrative Order, the following was enforced:
1. Use of PNDF Volume I as the basis for procurement of drug products by the government.

2. PNDF became the basis for claim reimbursements of medicines through Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) Board Resolution No. 265 s. 1999 dated July 15, 1999. Moreover, the following are included:
1. Revised process algorithm for inclusion/deletion of medicines in PNDF
2. Revised drug selection for the PNDF
3. Annotation
4. Scientific Evidence (in table format) supported with literature research for the specific drug 
5. Procedure to be followed for an exemption to EO no. 49 of 1993

     Memorandum no. 3 s. 2003 dated February 17, 2003 - The NFC prepared and recommended list of drugs to be sold in Botika ng Barangays (BnBs) pursuant to Administrative Order no. 70 s. 2002 Re: Licensing of BnBs in various Local Government Units and as per recommendation of the National Drug Formulary Committee, Annex A, a list of over the counter drugs (OTC) and two (2) selected prescription drugs (Cotrimoxazole and Amoxicillin) listed in the PNDF Volume I, 5th edition, 2000 are to be sold in Botika ng Barangays (BnBs)
     Department Order no. 3-R s. 2003 dated August 29, 2013 Re: Appointment of members of hte National Formulart Committee (NFC). In the interest of service, the National Formulary Committee (NFC) shall be composed of the following:

 Member  Terms of Office Years
Dr. Felix Eduardo R. Punzalan 4
Dr. Alma L. Jimenez  4
Dean Yolanda R. Robles 4
Dr. Alejandro C. Baroque II 4
Dr. Dina V. Diaz 3
Dr. Bu C. Castro 3
Dr. Madeleine R. Valera  3
Dr. Nelia P. Cortes-Maramba 3
Dr. Marieta B. De Luna 2
Dr. Nazarita Lanuza 2
Dr. Jose M. Acuin 2
Dr. Estrelle B. Paje-Villar Chairperson

     Administrative Orde no. 2005-0011 dated April 11, 2005, Re:Supplemental Guidelines to Adminitrative Order no. 144 s. 2004 'Guidelines for Establishment and Operations of BnBs and PDn's. The recommended the Inclusion of some prescripstion drugs in the Botika ng Barangay (BnB).

Year of publication

2006 - PNDF Volume I, 6th Edition