About Breast Cancer Medicines Access Program

     The Department of Health in partnership with the Philippine Cancer Society Inc. (PCSI) launched the Breast Cancer Medicines Access Program-Patient Navigation Program (BCMAP-PNaP) in May 2011 which seeks to improve the survival rates of women diagnosed with breast cancer in the Philippines.

   Cancer care, however, does not end with the provision of free medicines.   Quality of care and ensuring patient adherence to treatment is also of great importance to improve cancer survival. The DOH also implemented the patient navigation scheme with the PCSI to ensure full adherence of the patients to the treatment regimen and to continuously monitor their status and health conditions. 

    The BCMAP also provides standard diagnostic procedures such as hormonal status (i.e. ER, PR, Her2 Neu) through the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) for the eligible patients at no cost to them.

Access Sites/Identified Hospitals

     All having the capacity, facilities and multidisciplinary team of experts for managing breast cancer, DOH is currently collaborating with the following hospitals to implement the Program:

DOH Retained Hospitals:

  1. East Avenue Medical Center
  2. Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center
  3. Rizal Medical Center
  4. Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center
  5. Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital
  6. Davao Regional Hospital

Non-DOH Hospital:

  1. Philippine General Hospital

List of Medicines

     The implementation of the program has been guided by a Technical Working Group (TWG) composed of specialty experts and providers in the access sites. The TWG developed a standard treatment and management protocol for early stage breast cancer for implementation in the access sites.

Cyclophosphamide 500 mg vial

Fluorouracil 25 mg/mL, 10 mL vial

Doxorubicin Hydrochloride 50 mg powder vial

Tamoxifen Citrate 20 mg tablet

Docetaxel 40 mg/mL vial, 2 mL (80 mg)

Docetaxel 20 mg vial/0.5 mL vial

Filgrastim 300 micrograms/mL vial (IV,SC)

Ondansetron 2 mg/mL, 2 mL ampule (IM, IV)

Program Updates

Number of Enrollees in the DOH- Breast Cancer Medicines Access Program (March   2011-November 2016):


No. of Patients enrolled

East Avenue Medical Center


Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center


Rizal Medical Center


Philippine General Hospital


Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital


Amang Rodriguez  Memorial Medical Center


Davao Regional Hospital




     The compliance rate of the patients to their scheduled check-up, chemo sessions were observed to be as high as 97% due to access to free medicines and diagnostic procedure as well as the patient assistance coming from the Patient Navigators. Patient Navigators are able to provide services such as patient counseling and education, program monitoring, creation of a patient registry, and other tasks needed to ensure the smooth and timely treatment of the patients.