Availability and Affordability
Accountability, Transparency and Good Governance
Health System Support

The SARAH Access Framework

     The SARAH Medicines Access Framework consists of the five major pillarsas reflected on the Philippine Medicines Strategy 2011-2015 that these are necessary to ensure that essential and quality medicines are accessible and available towards achievement of the better health outcomes for all Filipinos. SARAH articulates the values and principles that all stakeholders must pursue and adopt in a transparent, participative and harmonious manner to contribute to the achievement health system goals.

     The SARAH medicines access framework outlines the five pillars for targeted and sustained action by the health and relevant sectors, namely: 1)Safety, Efficacy and Quality (SEQ) of medicines, 2) Affordability and availability, 3) Rational use of medicines, 4) Accountability, transparency and good governance and 5) Health System Support.

Safety, Efficacy and Quality (SEQ)

       Safety, Efficacy and Quality (SEQ) is the first pillar of the PMP which includes all policies and strategies employed by the state and the tools for all stakeholders to constantly assure the safety, efficacy and quality of essential medicines along the supply chain and at all levels of care. This component shall ensure that the manufacturer packaging, procurement, import, export, distribution, supply and the sale of drugs, produc promotion and advertising and clinical trial are carried out according to specified standards of safety, efficacy and quality. FDA shall be the lead agency in the settinf of such standards for medicines and in adopting internationally accepted standards that will apply to the local situation in coordination with other appropriate government regulatory bodies.