Secretary Juan M. Flavier (1992-1995)
     November 12, 1992 - Department Order no. 165-D s. 1992 Re: Reconstitution of the Membership of the DOH National Drug Committee.

The NDC still have the following functions:
1. Recommend the criteria to establish and update the National Drug Formulary, Which is a listing of drug products deemed necessary and desirable to be made available in the Philippines.
2. Recommend based on the approved criteria, the actual contents of the National Drug Formulary.
3. Review from a technical standpoint all decisions and regulations of the Bureau of Foods and Drugs (BFAD) particularly those related to the approval, disapproval, withdrawal or restriction of drug products, prior to final action by the Secretary of Health.

January 21, 1993 - Executive Order no. 49 of 1993 signed by President Fidel V. Ramos, Re: Directing the Mandatory use of the PNDF Volume 1 as the basis for procurement of drug products by the government.

Year of publication:

1993 - PNDF Volume I, 3rd edition

1993 - PNDF Volume II, 1st edition - Essential Drugs Monograph