Electronic Drug Price Monitoring System


     Pursuant to Republic Act 9502, also known as the "Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008", the Department of Health was mandated to monitor prices and inventory of medicines from all supply chain players through the establishment of a standard electronic system as well as procedure for collecting, submitting, processing and analyzing prices and inventories of drugs.

     The Electronic Drug Price Monitoring System or EDPMS is one of the basic tools for collecting data that can be used for measuring performance, appropriateness and effectiveness of the policy options and interventions in making drugs and medicines available and affordable. RA 6675, otherwise known as the Generics Act of 1988 and/or the Price Act of 1992, called for the implementation of a price monitoring system especially for essential medicines to ensure their adequate supply at the lowest possible cost.

The EDPMS can be utilized as follows:

     Analysis of price variation among medicines that are procured by the government, and sold by drug establishment (e.g. manufacturer, importer, distributor and wholesaler) as well as by drug outlets (e.g. drugstore, pharmacies and any other business establishment which sell drugs or medicines). Analysis of medicines pricing trends throughout the year.

     Analysis of mark-up from wholesaler/manufacturer to retail drug outlets. Medicines price analysis by comparing prices of innovator and generic medicines in government and private wholesale sectors, with international reference prices.

     This method is a more effective means of providing relevant information on medicines such as the price, quality and their specifications. The outputs of this program include, but are not limited to, the following:

     Establish the drug reference price index for drug reimbursement of PhilHealth Inform government procuring entities of drug prices that will serve as their reference during procurement Inform the public of registered products in the market including relevant information thereoi.

     The current EDPMS is a computer-based solution with the functionalities to capture, proces, store and generate reports on essential medicines prices and inventories from pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, this will be able to monitor the point origin of medicines and the chain of custody from manufacturer to the dispensing pharmacy or drug outles. Therefore, for the effective implementation and management of EDPMS, all stakeholders are directed to cooperate in providing relevant and timely information on essential medicines.