Secretary Francisco T. Duque (2005-2010)
Administrative Order no. 2006-0016 entitled "Implementing Guidelines for the Philippine National Drug Formulary System (PNDFS)" was formulated to revise the inputs, processes and outputs of the Philippine National Drug Formulary (PNDF).
     Among the Composition of PNDFS is the Formulary Study Group (FSG), which is in charge of developing the Formulary Manual (also called the PNDF Manual) using Formulary Selection Algorithm.

The Formulary Study Group shall consists of the following committees and council:
1. The Formulary Executive Council (FEC)
2. The Epidemiology Sub-committees
3. The Clinical Epidemiology Sub- Committees

4. The Public Health Sub-committee
5. The Pharmacology Committee

This Order aimed to provide:

1. Systems and procedure for the selection of drugs to be included or deleted from the Essential Drug List (EDL), also known as the PNDF.

2. Develop a new format of the EDL and PNDF that integrates all three volumes of the old PNDF (EDL, Essential Drug List) Monograph and Cross-Reference Index) - as the PNDF Manual.

3, Identify roles and responsibilities of various units of the Deparment of Health and other Stakeholders involved in the continuous development of the PNDF.

1. Revisit the work done by the NFC through the years, celebrating the gains and identifying areas for improvement;
2. Document existing systems and improve those that work;
3. Develop instruments, forms, manual of operations of the Formulart Study Group, from the Epidemiology and Pharmacology Committee to the Formulary Executive Council; and
4. Propose a potential Business plan for the publicaion and distribution of the PNDF.

Year of publication

2006 - PNDF Volume II, 3rd Edition - Essential Drugs Monograph

2008 - PNDF Volume I, 7th Edition